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Just trying out something. Here is a freebies. Icon for adobe illustrator, indesign, photoshop. simple one color bright.
To download simply click the link.

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Ramadhan yang mulia ini, marilah kita mulakan dengan kesucian. Bersihkan diri. Dan Ingat... Selamat Beramal.

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Yawn! Bored...

Hello again dear crap-followers, today having some time at the office waiting for the bloody client to response and cripple every inch of creativity that i have. I browse around to search for another ECO-Green idea for Rekatee and I remember something. My old CGH(Creative Group Head) is a happy-go-lucky guy. He always have an angle, have some quotes to cheer up the team, to motivate; to make a person move or as the late Arwah Yasmin would say, he got "Charisma." Anyway this CGH always ask me what is your goal, what is your goal; and if you reach your goal and whats then. I know there is no perfect answer for what is your goal, because our goals can always be change through environment, experience, and our lifestyle. Hence i told him my only goal in life is to do what i love and my love will move me, nevertheless at what time, or what age I'm at.

So for the time being, I love to do illustration. I love drawing since I first made a roar of my mom for painting all over the wall. Anyway tech goes everyday, updates, version, as music has, art also has to evolve. Nowadays everywhere there's a computer. Illustration as we know it evolve from a hack at the pyramid, to the airbrush, and now computer illustration.

So out of boredom, tonite i've created baby captain planet. so enjoy.
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Planet el'Kapitano

Baby Captain Planet aka planet el'kapitano. Its a illustration of a baby captain planet saying CP's favorite outro quotes. "So remember kids, The Power is in your hands". Captain Planet, the only superhero created will a sole purpose to save the planet, clean the water, recycle and all those green stuff. As i was searching for ideas for the ECO-Green Rekatee. I remember the 80's TV Cartoon. Captain Planet.

So here it is. Change the name because of rights, and also as a respect for fellow animator, character creator and everyone who's involve in creating this magnificent superhero. I do not want to cross any of the creator saying I stole Captain Planet and turn it to this small baby. I just wanted to continue his vision's of a perfect green world. And created something that i love when i was a little kid.

Made the character to be friendly, and baby like to show that if we want to change something, we must alter it from the core or as what malay idiom would goes "Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya."

Since its a tribute for the Captain Planet, this design is only targeted for people who watched Captain Planet (people who lives the 80ties). So with the power combine here is captain Planet.

Anyway enjoy.

I've send this design to rekatee, so do vote for me.
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Green Tee

I've always like Indonesian's Teh Botol Sosro, unluckily here in Malaysia there are not many stores selling it (if they even sell, they sell it for triple the price in Indo) As an alternative i drinks these POKKA Green Tea(suggested by Adib Azfar) where the taste is almost similar to Teh Botol.

As i was finding ideas to send for RekaTee's Green Eco Competition, Iqbal Hakim Boo told me why didn't i just make a design of Green Tea (pointing at the drink). So after a night of cracking, i've made this parody. Instead of the actually teabag, a tee-shirt has been alternate to represented teabag inside the cup hence Green Tee is being design. Thank you Iqbal Hakim Boo for inspiring me to do this design. I'm sending this design into Rekatee. Do vote for the design for its to be a wearable material.

Unluckily Rekatee doesn't allow me to use gradient and transparencies for the design. Plus they limit it for only 8 colors to be use so i made a simplified design of it. anyway hope you enjoy this design as i am enjoying while creating it. Thanks for reading this crap of a blog.
PS: Do vote for my design

Limited Color Submition
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Darth Vader

This is what i do when i have free time at the office. after several months, I've finished my mural of Darth Vader. Alongside I've also made the Death Star, the AT-AT, Millennium Falcon, and some tie fighter. Need to think of other SW character to draw after this. You can see The Making of Vader through the wonders of youtube.

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See you later alligator

See you later alligator is an illustration to potray how Tat Sing (Malaysian Product played by Uncle Tat) smaking the Croc (international brand). It is to show how Malaysian product is far more superior in our own country. I have fun doing it. I'm submitting it to a site that transfer this illustration to a shirt. Come and vote for it at Rekatee and hopefully it will be printed. Thanks hope you enjoy!

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Throw the flip flop

This is a tribute for the greatest flip flop ever made (Selipar Jepun aka Selipar Tat Sing). Children of the eighties would definitely remember this game. It's the throw the flip flop game (main baling selipar). The game revolve two team who has to made a pyramid like stand with their flip flop while the opposing team would try to wipe up the building team by throwing other flip flop at them. The game is won by either the shape is finished or the other team totaled the wipe out. Its a fun, exciting and yet team-building game. It involves strategy and determination. The building team options are usually to pawned a guy out to make time to finish the shape. These are just few steps that i remember. Do comment on gameplay or tactics that you've remember. Hope you enjoy.

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Analogi Kaki Kayooh

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Tribute : Pocoyo

Just love to see Pocoyo, my friend send me a link to pocoyize yourself, it's really cool. I took the images and altered a bit to make new avatar for FB.

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Just an illustration of my new passion. Thanks to Adib introducing me into this whole new world of endurance, sweat, and lust. Hope you like it.

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Katak Bawah Gelas

Katak bawah gelas (frog under the glass) depicted from an old malay saying "Katak bawah tempurung" with a little twist to its meaning. This frog however see the environmental changes but would not make any moves to change from his glass.

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This is a reminisce of the old tv slot in Malaysia where tales of Croc and Mouse-deer (Sang Kancil dan Buaya) being aired to seed morale messages into children in the eighties. As a tribute FNM, i made this illustration.

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It's been a long time since i've made any random. Just wanted to express some feelings and thoughts that i've concluded into an artwork called Amanah.

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Tribute : SJICB

Just a few tee design for SJICB. You can download the file and alter the design if you like.

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